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Update COVID19 Requirements: SA, Liberia, Burundi, Nigeria, Ghana & China

South Africa has since opened its borders to all nationals. The classification of high risk and low risk countries has been revoked. PCR is still a requirement. Yellow fever cards are also mandatory if coming from a yellow fever endemic country.

We have received new amendments for India which supersedes previous MHA guidelines issued on 30th June 2020 under the Air bubble agreement. All Visas are now okay for travelling apart from E-visas and tourists visas.

Previous medical E-visas(Prior to Covid) also remain suspended. Guests wishing to travel to India for medical purposes must obtain new visas at the Indian High commission at their country of residence.

PCR certificates are not mandatory for JFK. Its only required for those terminating in NYC and wish to be exempt from the mandatory 14days quarantine period. Guests without PCR Certificates may still be accepted but must be informed of the 14days quarantine period.

Liberia (ROB)- Has amended its Covid requirements to 96hrs Negative PCR from date of sampling. 75USD is charged for secondary tests on arrival. Surveillance form and payment to be done online. Those experiencing difficulties in online payment will be facilitated to pay on arrival.

Reminder for Nigeria(LOS)

As a guest, you must have,

1. Valid negative PCR test certificate uploaded on the platform (
2. Fill the Self Health declaration form online.
3. Pay online for repeat Covid test seven days after arrival in Nigeria.

Guest must present evidence of above compliance before acceptance.

BJM – Negative PCR within 72hrs from sample collection pegged on initial point of origin/boarding.
Mandatory hotel booking.

Non compliance attracts a 1,000USD fine.

This is an update on travelling conditions to BJM international Airport, with immediate effect :

  1. Updated Covid-19 Prevention Measures :

a) All guests travelling to BJM, prior to acceptance at check-in must show proof of hotel booking as per Ministry of Health measures.
Infants and children travelling with their parents are not concerned. link:

b) Valid and authentic negative PRC test-72h from sample collection at origin OR in case of delay or cancellations, from departure airport (proof with date of first flight boarding pass)

c) Burundi Health surveillance form and immigration entry form manually filled from inflight prior to disembarking.

2. Fines to airline for Non-Compliance:

Any airline transporting guest with NIL PCR, Positive PCR or Expired PCR to BJM airport, will be fined USD1,000(one thousand US dollars).

NOTE: If airline has proof that guest was checked with valid negative PCR prior to departure and at arrival (at BJM airport) guests misses the required document or has invalid document, therefore, guest will be fined the same amount usd1,000(one thousand US dollars)
Any airline transporting guest to BJM airport with NIL hotel booking from will be fined usd1,000(one thousand US dollars).

NOTE: If airline has proof that guest was checked with correct hotel booking prior to departure and at arrival (at BJM airport) guest misses the required document or has cancelled the booking ,therefore, guest will be fined the same amount USD1,000(one thousand US dollars)

Updated information for Accra, Ghana.

From the highlighted section from the alert above, all Guests to Accra have committed to pay for their tests on arrival by filling and completing the form at If a Guest has not filled the form on the aforementioned site and refuses to pay on arrival, KQ will be fined 3,500USD Per Guest.

Let us ensure strict compliance to avoid quite punitive fines:

f)Passengers will be subjected to a mandatory COVID-19 test at the airport terminal at a cost of $150 to be borne by the passenger. Payment MUST be made online at and proof of payment (receipt) shown to Airline before boarding.
g) Airlines who board passengers without proof of payment for the COVID-19 test and would/could NOT pay for the test in Ghana, will be fined US$3,500 per passenger.

Updated template with China requirements.

It is absolutely crucial that we observe Chinese requirements. All Guests coming from any outstation must stop in Nairobi to have the 2 Covid tests done ( PCR) and (IgM-Antibody tests). The two tests should be within 48hrs from sample collection before travel .

The Chinese embassy will issue a Green HS code for Chinese nationals and a HDC code for non-Chinese.

The only institution performing the antibody (IGM) test in Kenya is KEMRI.

Kindly find below official statement from Chinese embassy Nairobi and a list of ratified Hospitals for performance of the PCR and Antibody tests.


DOWNLOAD Outstation Covid Testing Requirement 30th November, 2020

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